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You Can't Win

Apr 27, 2020

Tom and Don chat about this year's unique Ramadan experience and how we are handling quarantine so far. We talk Ad Astra and Islam and Andropov and several other questions from the audience.

Mentioned: The Crusades Through Arab Eyes by Amin Maalouf, Hamza Yusuf (Foundations of Islam Series available on YouTube at the Islam on Demand channel, Vision of Islam CD Series, Life of the Prophet Muhammad all available on YouTube), Abdul Hakim Murad's reading list (, Yasir Qadhi, Nouman Ali Khan (available on YouTube at Bayyinah Institute channel) and The Destruction of the Soviet Economic System: An Insider's History Book by Michael Ellman and Vladimir Kontorovich.

Intro music by auntie004. Outro: Paavoharju - Musta Katu.