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You Can't Win

Feb 24, 2020

Leo joins Tom and Don to talk about fashion and dressing well. What's with all these terrible clothes out there? How do we push beyond glued-together polyester? The crew then answers a number of your questions within Solomon-like judgment.

Intro music is by auntie004. Outro music is Smog - Ex-Con.

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Feb 17, 2020

Tom and Don are joined by Mike, John and Jerel for a discussion of the Wuhan coronavirus. What's the science on the virus? Are we all going to die? How racist is it to be afraid? We also answer a few questions about guns control and Settlers.

Mike's references:


Report 2: Estimating the...

Feb 10, 2020

Don introduces Tom to "Christianity and Democracy" by Jacques Maritain which he read recently. Christian Democracy evolved into the official ideology of much of the conservative movement, although Don suggests this is a legacy that should be contested. We also discuss Slavery and Islam by Jonathan A.C. Brown and...

Feb 3, 2020

Our friend Alex returns to have a bit of a back and forth with Don about economics and ideology. Then the whole crew talks hopes for Bernie versus our natural cynicism and gets into some questions from the audience. 

Alex is @anti_minotaur on Twitter. Intro music by auntie004.  Outro music is Daihakken - The...