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You Can't Win

Dec 30, 2019

With Tom's back in pain and Don suffering through a virus of some sort, we fight heroically to deliver a year-end episode. Will Don finally learn to drive with Aristotle's help? Will Tom get through more of his pomo lit? And other goals if we survive the week.   

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Dec 23, 2019

Tom and Don are joined by the journalist Séamus Malekafzali to discuss protests across the Middle East. We start with Lebanon, move on to Iraq and conclude with Iran. How are the protests undermining tenuous political settlements in each country? How aggressive have government forces been in response? Is it going...

Dec 16, 2019

Tom and Don are joined by AgileTablet to quickly discuss the firing of Jeremy Corbyn and then jump into a wide-ranging discussion of being canned from a bunch of our jobs. If that weren't enough, we get a fully stocked Agile's Cooking Corner with a lot of your cooking questions answered. 

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Dec 9, 2019

The crew are joined by Mike and Khalid to talk the Temple of Set and the strange world of Satanism. Silly subculture? Evil parties? CIA tomfoolery? What's the deal? And can we join?

Intro music by auntie004. Outro: Ghost - Majesty.

Dec 2, 2019

Tom and Don have their friend Harvey @6footinvisible on to regale us with stories about process serving. Celebrity cretins like Steve Bannon and Bill Clinton, a lot of poor schmucks, costumes and props - we've got it all.

Intro music by auntie004. Outro music is Amber London - Servin' Fiendz 1994.