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You Can't Win

Dec 28, 2020

Our friend Mike returns to help us wade through some of the more controversial claims made about the new vaccines and try to come to grips about what the next few years will look like. While Don wishes he could get a shot and be done with it, Mike's take suggests we are getting closer to Tom's Thousand Year Quarantine.

Mentioned: Medical Nihilism by Jacob Stegenga, Formations of the Secular by Talal Asad.

Mike provided some notes for his more salacious claims:

Potential COVID vax antibody dependent enhancement:

Simulated effects of time-limited COVID vax immunity:

Meta analysis of repeat flu vax effects:

Reduced antibody maturation in repeat flu vaccination:

Ritalin doesnt work:

Paxil kills kids:

Intro music by auntie004. Outro by reiyashi.