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You Can't Win

Aug 10, 2020

Mike and Khalid join Tom and Don to discuss William Dudley Pelley, an eccentric writer who promoted his own unique brand of American fascism and a complex spiritual system. Beginning his career in Hollywood, Pelley becomes an important influence on everything from grail quests to UFOs. We dig into his life and ideas as we set up a series about the connections between esotericism and postwar American politics.

References: William Dudley Pelley: A Life in Right-Wing Extremism and the Occult by Scott Beekman, The Terrorist Next Door by Daniel Levitas and Steven Snyder's VISUP blog:

Mentioned: A Case at Law (1917), One-Thing-at-a-Time O'Day (1919), What Women Love (1920), The Light in the Dark (1922), My Seven Minutes in Eternity by William Dudley Pelley, The Over-Soul by Ralph Waldo Emerson, No More Hunger by William Dudley Pelley, Dark Crystal (1982), Mind War by Michael Aquino