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You Can't Win

Mar 2, 2020

Tom and Don are joined by Ibrahim for a wide-ranging discussion of recent conflicts in Afghanistan. We talk about the cohesion and discipline of the Taliban, prospects for peace, the history of foreign intervention and resistance, the interests of regional and global powers and some of the other local forces involved.

Ibrahim's Twitter: @SyedIbrahim1137

Mentioned: The Taliban: War, Religion and the New Order in Afghanistan by Peter Marsden, Afghanistan: The Bear Trap: The Defeat of a Superpower by Mohammad Yousaf,, Borhan Osman, Empires of Mud by Antonio Giustozzi, The Taliban at War by Antonio Giustozzi, Obaid Ali, Documenting Afghanistan, Mohammed Harun Arsalai, @AfgEye, Revolution Unending by Gilles Dorronsoro, Killing the Cranes: A Reporter's Journey Through Three Decades of War in Afghanistan by Edward Girardet

Intro music by auntie004.

Outro music is Kino - Gruppa Krovi.