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You Can't Win

Aug 10, 2020

Mike and Khalid join Tom and Don to discuss William Dudley Pelley, an eccentric writer who promoted his own unique brand of American fascism and a complex spiritual system. Beginning his career in Hollywood, Pelley becomes an important influence on everything from grail quests to UFOs. We dig into his life and ideas as...

Aug 3, 2020

Our friend Lex joins the crew to talk baseball's return amid rampant disease. We discuss the already-disastrous MLB mini-season and some recent bungles like the Houston cheating scandal. 

Mentioned: @done_watching, @AwfulPundits 

Intro by auntie004. Outro by reiyashi.

Jul 27, 2020

Hateful return guest 'Ed Buck' drops in to share his negative opinions on film criticism. We talk about the (often false) dichotomy between blockbusters and festival films. Ed is not hopeless, though, that people could still make some good movies, while Don starts wondering about why to write at all.


Jul 20, 2020

We are joined by returning guest Khalid to discuss the Occult. While strange rituals and hidden knowledge are often seen as silly, such language permeates our ways of thinking about even "scientific" knowledge. We chat about what that means for critiques of modernism and its relationship to world religions. And we...

Jul 13, 2020

After a few solid months of interviews we dig back into the mailbag for your questions. We start with the Hagia Sophia and Catholic profiteering, crystal ball our futures, talk about Birthright trips and Islamophobia, discuss Charles Bettelheim and Skyrim, MOOCs and Northern Ireland, Maoist rebels and racism, and even...