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You Can't Win

Nov 18, 2019

Tom and Don are joined by our friend Big Dave, who offers his hard-earned wisdom about fatherhood. Why aren't men better prepared to be fathers and what problems do they run into? The crew talks about how life changes once kids are around, from the perspectives of a family man, a long-term relationship and a...

Nov 11, 2019

Tom and Don talk left-wing politics and the joys and sorrows of being correct all the time. Where are things headed for the growing left? Is inevitably a brick wall? We also discuss conversion and the prospect of freelance monotheism.

Intro music by auntie004. Outro: Jim O'Rourke - Please Patronize Our Sponsors.

Nov 4, 2019

Mike, our own Professor Pizzagate, returns to sketch a possible history of attempts to dominate the psyche. We start with Foucault's prehistory of psychiatry and the operation of sovereignty and power over time. This transitions into a discussion of the shocking union between professional psychiatry and "mind control"...